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Water Stewardship

volunteer with child using watershed model at Solana Center event booth

We are very proud of our San Diego beaches, rivers, lakes, and lagoons, and believe that San Diegans have a responsibility to protect these vital areas. As Southern California faces a future of water scarcity, conservation and changing our daily habits becomes even more critical.

Through our educational efforts and campaigns, we aim to teach how vital watersheds are and why they should be protected. Some of the environmental solutions Solana Center is actively pursuing through our water protection programs are:

  • Eliminate ocean-bound waste, counteract toxic runoff, and provide education on ocean stewardship.
  • Reduce use of pesticides that add toxic runoff to our watersheds.
  • Encourage responsible actions to limit litter and pet waste that eventually end up in our waterways.
  • Instill appreciation of our water resources through our school education programs.

Water Conservation Workshops

Our workshops empower community members to conserve and protect the integrity of our most precious resource.

Solana Center offers recurring workshops on a variety of water topics, including: rainwater harvesting techniques, greywater systems, sustainable landscapes, manure management, and composting - to conserve, preserve and protect our water. You can view upcoming Water Conservation Workshops on our events calendar.

Contact us to get started: | (760) 436-7986 ex. 704


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Rain Barrel Sales

With our partners, Solana Center provides seasonal access to affordable, quality rain barrels.

two Ivy 50-gallon rain barrels connected under a water spout

Harvesting water in rain barrels is an excellent way to reduce potable water used in landscape maintenance, and to prevent polluted runoff from entering our local waterways. We provide everything you need to set your rain barrel up at home, as well as help you get valuable rebates. 

In the last year, we sold over 3,000 rain barrels to members of the community, with the capacity to capture 160,000+ gallons of rain water!

Learn more about our program and buy rain barrels, or contact us: | (760) 436-7986 ex. 700

School Watershed Program 

We bring water conservation to schools and educate younger generations about protecting our watersheds and the importance of healthy marine ecosystems.

Students learn through a variety of activities tailored to schools’ needs, including presentations, videos, and fun interactive displays that get the whole class involved. Students are empowered to be smart water users at school and at home.

Contact us to get started: 436-7986 ex. 704

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