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Store Smart to Reduce Food Waste

After the grocery store or farmers market, proper storage is the next step to make sure nothing gets wasted.

Best Practices Per Item

It's important to understand each type of food and how best to store it to keep it fresh the longest. Check out the NRDC's interactive storage guide to help you find the best way to store each item.

Maximize Food Lifespan

Beyond storage practices for each item, there are many other tricks to making sure your food gets eaten. Organize your fridge to optimize eating habits, have a "back up" practice like using a freezer to extend shelf life, and get inspiration on how to use even the most obscure ingredients. Check out resources below for more information on how to set up your kitchen as a no-food-waste success!

Even if we are using optimal storage techniques, sometimes things don't go as planned. Understanding the shelf life of our food can help us plan. There are also lots of great tricks to repurposing food that is still safe but is not quite appetizing. But it is also important to know when to call it quits. You can learn about all of these topics on our page: when to repurpose versus dispose.