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Battery Recycling

You can drop off your batteries for recycling at Solana Center.

Batteries are useful. You can use them to power computers, cell phones, music players, flashlights, toys… but after so many uses, they don’t work anymore. All batteries eventually reach a point where they will no longer hold a charge. Also, batteries are not accepted at landfills. Luckily, most batteries can be recycled!

What kinds of batteries can be recycled?

Household batteries (both rechargeable and alkaline) can be recycled, if only for their metal components. Vehicle batteries are also recyclable.

Where can I recycle my used batteries? Can I take them to E-Waste pick-ups?

Batteries are not accepted at E-Waste events, and are only taken at certain locations, such as battery recycling centers.

For rechargeable batteries, stores that sell new ones usually accept used rechargeables. Cell phone stores, like Verizon, typically accept used cell phone batteries. Auto shops that sell vehicle batteries typically will accept vehicle batteries free of charge, with a possible discount on a new battery.

How should I prepare my batteries for recycling?

Package used batteries in a plastic bag. For added safety, tape over the contact points to prevent accidental shocks. Do not use duct tape for this.