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Volunteer Spotlight Summer 2017: Rebecca Willetts

volunteer Rebecca Willetts at Solana Center booth with childrenRebecca Willetts has been an all-star volunteer this year!  While Rebecca was in charge of her department's garden at work, she took the Master Composter course from Solana Center to add knowledge and professionalism to her role. As a volunteer, she loves the outreach possibilities - going out to all ages and events.

Rebecca says that "by volunteering, I get to work with the information in new ways, have great conversations with a wide range of people, and renew my personal commitment!"

Rebecca has worked with children for many years and sees the need to adjust our actions as becoming more and more pressing. She is currently an educator at the San Diego Zoo, where most of the programs focus not just on the animals, but the entire habitat and how we make choices every day that can affect the whole world. In her everyday life, Rebecca practices reducing landfill input, such as buying in bulk to reduce packaging and finding stores that let you bring your own containers. ("People's in OB is the best!!") She even brings her own containers to restaurants for the leftovers, which used to embarrass her friends, though now some of them do it, too! In addition to her passion for sustainability, Rebecca dabbles in sewing, loves to read, and can power nap like a pro.

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