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Discounted Rain Barrels Still Available

The forecast calls for rain in the next few weeks, which is good news for San Diego! Solana Center and the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program have partnered to provide discounted rain barrels to San Diego residents who want to take advantage of this bounty. These 50-gallon barrels are $90 each, and up to two rain barrels per household may be eligible for a $35 rebate through SoCalWater$mart.

Pre-order your rain barrels online and pick up from:

Lakeside River Park Conservancy on March 11th

Pre-Order for Lakeside Now

You can also order rain barrels online and pick up at Solana Center.

Ivy rain barrel loaded into blue hatchback car

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Why use rain barrels?

The San Diego region reaps great benefits from rainwater harvesting. Using rainwater in your landscaping helps you save money, conserve resources, and reduce runoff pollution entering our streams and oceans. Find out more.