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We'd love to check out this Chicken Processing Workshop

Our friends over at Primal Pastures are offering this very unique experience to truly know where your food comes from!  We'd love to head out to Temecula this Saturday to check out this workshop, would you?

 While this event is clearly not for everyone, I would encourage you to consider the fact that their chickens are slaughtered, butchered, and packaged in the most humane environment possible and they want to share that with those who are interested. The first part of the class is a live demonstration by the Primal Pastures team, followed by a guided hands-on experience if so desired.  That's right, you'll be taking your very own bird from pasture to package in an inviting friendly atmosphere guided by experienced farmers who are passionate about humane farming.  If this sounds interesting to you, reserve your tickets!  They only have 20 total spots available, and they will sell out quickly. Click here to learn more. If Temecula is a little far out for you, then come to our Save The World - Raise Chickens Workshop on April 12th. We are very excited to have Paul Greive, co-founder of Primal Pastures, teach the workshop. Primal Pastures  are recent recipients’ of the American Farm Bureau People’s Choice for “Entrepeneurs of the Year. We are very excited to host this unique workshop for anyone interested in learning the tools to be able to raise their own food source!