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What to do with your holiday food scraps?

What will you do with your turkey bones & potato peels this year?


No matter what your holiday traditions include, they all share one common feature - holiday gatherings tend to revolve around food! An abundance of food!

Ham, roasts, mashed potatoes, turkey, vegetable casseroles and stuffing overflow plates and no matter how hungry you are, it is a challenge to finish it all. When all is said and done, between food prep and plate scrapings,  food scraps and paper products overfill the trash. In fact, 200 million pounds of turkey finds its way into landfills. A solution is needed to avoid all the excess food from heading to the landfill and creating tons of potent greenhouse gasses. 

For a limited time only, Solana Center is offering a Holiday Special - to help you divert all your holiday food scraps from entering the landfill by joining Food Cycle! All you have to do is pick up a bucket from Solana Center during store hours and start filling it up with your kitchen waste. There is a $15 composting fee, plus a $10 bucket deposit. Make sure to mention that it's the holiday program to get this price. You can include meats, oils, and dairy--even the Thanksgiving turkey bones can go in the bucket to be composted!

Once your bucket is full, bring it back to Solana Center and we’ll compost it for you. If you want to continue with Food Cycle after you see how easy it is to divert your food waste over the holidays, enroll in the program full time by Jan 11, otherwise, you’ll get your $10 deposit back when you return your bucket. 

It's so easy! Sign up today by visiting Solana Center during store hours: Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-4:00 and Saturdays 9:00-1:00. 

Let Solana Center be your holiday partner this year and we'll work together to minimize waste and emissions. Let us take your holiday food scraps and make beautiful compost instead of greenhouse gases.