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Solana Center, County Offering Discounted Rain Barrels To San Diegans

Now is the perfect time to purchase and install a rain barrel. A rain barrel keeps water that falls or collects on your property from leaving, transporting pollutants to creeks, streams, waterways and, ultimately, the ocean through runoff. Keeping the water on your property also benefits the soil. If situated properly, rain barrels take advantage of nighttime dew that collects on rooftops and gathers it for reuse. 

Rain and dew is untreated and available for watering plants and trees when and where needed. A rain barrel allows the property owner or manager to control how much and how often plants are watered. If your yard needs more than 50 gallons at a time, consider purchasing two and connecting them. A demonstration setup is viewable at Solana Center in Encinitas during business hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

There are multiple benefits to installing a rain barrel and purchasing one or two at a discount provides even more. The rain barrel is discounted from the $129 retail price to $90, saving customers $39 just for purchasing through Solana Center. The County is generously offering a $30 discount for unincorporated residents and SocalWaterSmart is providing a $35 rebate for San Diego County Water Authority customers, bringing the price to, potentially, $25.

How to secure your discounted rain barrel:

  1. Purchase online by 10/13:

  2. Identify the best location for your rain barrel – TreePeople has some good advice, but feel free to choose your own tutorial.

  3. Bring your printed receipt to the distribution event on 10/19:

Fallbrook: Mission Resource Conservation District

October 19th 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Deadline to order October 13th

  1. Pick up your rain barrel and install.

  2. Submit your rebate information to SoCalWaterSmart.