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Trommel Fund

 Solana Center's Food Cycle program is growing by the buckets, processing 1,000 pounds of organic material each month.

Food Cycle has attracted teams of volunteers and national media attention and now we need to acquire a trommel to compost more food waste. 

What does a trommel do? We have tested different tools and know that the trommel improves decomposition by filtering large and small particles faster. This is a great help in creating healthy soil amendment from organic waste, especially with an increase in program participation. More food waste diverted also means more organic matter is composted, returning carbon to the soil instead of the atmosphere. 


Would you like to contribute to the Trommel Fund?

Our goal is to raise $1,000 to purchase materials and supplies to build a trommel for the Food Cycle program. We're almost there!

All contributions are appreciated!