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Rain Barrel Distribution Event - Rancho San Diego

We are helping our County save water by getting hundreds of barrels to their new homes!

Rain Barrel Distribution Event at the Water Conservation Garden

San Diegans from all over the county will be coming by to collect their pre-purchased barrels and join the fight to save water. Collecting rain water is a great way to reduce potable water use, prevent harmful run off, and give your plants the freshest of the fresh.

Each barrel we send home can capture 50 gallons of water in just a few minutes of heavy rain! (depending on your roof configuration). Join us in helping San Diego catch this precious resource by pre-ordering your rain barrel now: (deadline to pre-order is October 28).

This event is funded by:

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Stream to Volunteer Opportunities No
November 3rd, 2018 9:00 AM   through   12:00 PM
Water Conservation Garden
12122 Cuyamaca College Dr. W
El Cajon, CA 92019
United States

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Main Phone: (760) 436-7986
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