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Solutions for Organic Waste Diversion - Presentation Series: Bokashi, Aerated Static Piles, and Black Soldier Fly Larvae

New California organics recycling legislation, such as AB 1826 and SB 1383, is aimed at keeping organic waste -- landscape and food scrap waste -- out of our landfill. San Diego's lack of commercial organic recycling infrastructure creates an excellent opportunity to handle the mandated diversion at a local level.

Learn from interactive presentations and tour Solana Center's new Mid-Scale Compost Demonstration and Training Center

Organic food waste in green bucket

Join the organic waste management movement!

Organic material makes up more than a third of disposal sent to California landfills. California's statewide goal is to divert 75% of this flow by 2025. Our series of presentations will address local solutions to manage our organic waste, and how we can keep this valuable resource from, literally, being “wasted!”

Are you familiar with the basics of composting and are ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Our subject matter experts will discuss Bokashi, black soldier fly larvae, and aerated static piles. These solutions are appropriate for managing organic material generated by restaurants, cafeterias, schools, farms, and multi-family units.

Presentation series includes

Bokashi Presentation - 12:00 - 1:30 PM - $30.00

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning fermented organic matter. This anaerobic fermentation process has the potential for local, closed-loop processing of food waste. It is a scalable solution for food waste that complements traditional composting and vermicomposting methods.

Presented by Jennifer Galey - San Diego County Fair, Infield Farm Coordinator

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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Presentation - 1:30 - 3:00 PM - $30.00

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) have the capacity to ingest huge amounts of food and animal waste, resulting in a high protein feed for chickens or as a protein source in livestock feed mixtures. Protein can be one of the most expensive ingredients in animal feed. Grain production for animal feed requires a significant amount of water and arable land; BSFL require neither.

Presented by Chris Young - Closing the Loop, Founder

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Aerated Static Piles Presentation - 3:00 - 4:30 PM - $50.00

Bonus! Bin Harvest and Build - 4:30 - 5:30 PM 
After presentation, harvest previously-built compost pile and re-construct new ASP (no additional fee)

An aerated static pile (ASP) is an economical and efficent method for composting large volumes of organic waste materials. Composting in enclosed bins reduces odors and greenhouse gas emissions, and faciliates leachate management and vector control. Mechanized forced aeration eliminates the need to physically turn the composted materials. It is ideal for managing livestock manure, yard debris, food scrap waste and other challenging feedstock materials.

Presented by Peter Moon - O2Compost, President and Principal Engineer

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Presentation fees

Attend all 3 presentations and receive a $10 discount; attend any 2, and receive a $5 discount. Click on the link below.

All 3 presentations (only $100)
Bokashi + Black Soldier Fly Larvae presentations (only $55)
Bokashi + Aerated Static Piles presentations (only $75)
Black Soldier Fly Larvae + Aerated Static Piles presentations (only $75)

Presentation fees are nonrefundable.

Parking fees

Parking fees have been waived (a $13 savings) for all attendees by the Del Mar Fairgrounds for this event! 
However, we encourage you to carpool as there is limited parking in the Infield Farm.

This presentation series presumes a basic understanding of composting techniques. 

This presentation does NOT address typical residential composting or large-scale commercial composting. It is intended for those systems that fall in between: farms, parks, community gardens, schools, businesses, etc.

If you're not already familiar with composting, check out one of Solana Center's free composting workshops!

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