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Family Fun: We Built This Worm Bin! - County of San Diego

**Open registration for this event is closed, but we have a few remaining spots for unincorporated San Diego County residents.** Get the family together, put on your hardhats, and learn how to build a home for composting worms! This is Part 1 of our 3-part Family Fun series, Support Global Worming!

***Open registration for this webinar is closed, but we have a few remaining spots for unincorporated San Diego County residents only.*** If you are interested, please first confirm your residency by entering your address hereIf your jurisdiction boundary is "S.D. COUNTY," you can request to join the course by emailing and sharing your address.

Sorry, we are not offering a waitlist to non-unincorporated residents at this time.

Join Solana Center for this 45-minute webinar where your family will learn how fun and easy it is to build or purchase a home for red wiggler composting worms -- the best pets you will ever have! Vermicomposting (worm composting) is an environmentally-friendly way to turn your food waste into nutrient-rich castings for your plants or garden beds.

Our Family Fun series is an an interactive experience for the whole family and the perfect way to celebrate Earth Month! In addition to engaging talks from our educators, we will also provide short videos and supplemental activities for further exploration at home.

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The webinar will be held using Zoom, so please note that you will need to have the Zoom application installed on your device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) to attend and participate. You will receive the link to join upon registering.

This webinar is funded by the County of San Diego and is intended for residents of unincorporated County. 

In this webinar, we will cover the following

  • Important features of vermicompost bins
  • Materials needed to build a bin
  • Steps to build a self-contained worm bin and in-ground worm bin (pictured below)
  • How to purchase a worm bin and take advantage of available subsidies

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Event Classification
Funding Source Contract-funded
Category Composting Workshop
Contract County Composting
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Stream to Volunteer Opportunities No
April 19th, 2021 5:00 PM   through   5:45 PM

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