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Our Supporters

Partners and donors that share a common vision with Solana Center are vital to our work conserving our natural resources and reducing waste.

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Our Partners

City of Del Mar

City of Encinitas

City of San Diego

County of San Diego

Corporate Donors

City National Bank

Dr. Bronner's


Rain Water Solutions

San Diego County Water Authority


Eco Container Supporters

Del Mar Fairgrounds


Grangetto's Farm & Garden Supply


Rain Water Solutions

San Diego County Board of Supervisors


Alanna Sullivan

Alexia Chapparone

Alfred Mazur

Allison Broadfoot

Allison DeGeorge

Amy Moser

Anastasia Marks

Andi MacLeod

Andrew Stoecker

Anita Reith

Anne Peterson

Anne Peterson

Barbara Kennedy

Barbara Potts

Bea Gold

Beverly Marshall

Brandon Johnson

Caitlin Jafolla

Carla Pryor

Charles Brandes

Charmae Powell

David Levy

David Robertson

David Shapiro

Dawn Burcham

Debra Quick-Jones

Diane Cleary

Diane Hazard

Gail Gousha

Generous Old Geezers

Gerald Shiller

Gina Filipelli

Greg Harris

Griffin Macondray

In honor of Sandy Atkinson

Jacy Bolden

Jai Sethee

James Beyster

James McCarthy

Jana Birch

Janell Cannon

Jeanne Meadows

Jeff Bishop

Jeff Lindenthal

Jennifer Galey

Jennifer Ott-Rol

Jennifer Telford

Jeremy McGhee

Jesse Giessow

Jill Levan

Joel Rabasco

John Stein

Joie Reavis

Judith Walters

Judy Moursund

Judy Randant

Kathleen Stiven

Kazuko Sakamoto

Kim Yay

Kimm Emerson

Kristine Breese

Lakeside Garden Club

Laura Colban

Laura Malter

Lauren Revell

Leslie Coles

Lilian Nordland

Linda Wickstrom + Samuel Chickas

Lindsey Sheehan

Lucille Fisher

Lynn Malinowski

Margaret Stockton

Mary Page

MaryAnn Stone

Marycie Hagerty

Michael Lea

Michelle Godden

Nancy Gordon

Nancy Kruberg

Nate Northu

Nicole Baran

Nordson Corp

Norma Hasselman

Parker Foundation

Patricia A Takacs

Patricia Moore

Patty Morton

Peichuan Joh

Qualcomm Foundation

Ray Brooks

Rie Tsuboi

Robert Bookstein

Robert Sewell

Robin Genat

Ronald A George

Russell Levan

Sandra Russell

Shanon Baer

Shea Kirkpatrick

Sheri Fox

Steve Weihe

Sue Ruiz

Susan Jensen

Suzanne Miller

Teresa Lea

Tina Arciaga

Tricia Pogue

Waverly Ray

Whitney Duenez

William Searles

In-Kind Donations

American Meadows

Anderson's La Costa Nursery

City National Bank

Dewey Baker


Encinitas Bee Company

Grangetto's Farm & Garden Supply


Living Seed Company

Mack Packaging

San Diego Seed Company