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Solana Center Supports New Environmental Regulations

As a key educator and advocate for composting within San Diego, Solana Center applauds Governor Jerry Brown’s support for environmental initiatives in California. In September Governor Brown signed two new assembly bills, AB 1826 and AB 1594. Beginning January 2016, these organic waste bills will target local businesses and venues to compost or recycle their organic materials, diverting them from the landfill. Read our Executive Director, Jessica Toth’s comments on these landmark bills in her recently published Letter To the Editor in the Encinitas Advocate.


Who We Are

Solana Center  touches more than 10,000 San Diego County residents each year  through its environmental education and community outreach programs.  We educate approximately 4,500 San Diego County students each year and provide more than 600 compost and worm bins annually. Each year we add capacity and infrastructure to divert 1.3 million pound of organic waste from landfills.

For 30 years, Solana Center has worked at the grass roots level to encourage the community to change the way they think about their environment.  We promote the sustainable management of resources through education, and hope that people will begin to rethink the products they use and how we can reduce our impact on the planet.